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HowToDo Question : Finding relay fridge and freezer correspondents ?

Waiting for a better solution Finding relay fridge and freezer correspondents ?

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PostPosted: 30 Nov 2010 7:09 
Hello everyone,

After a storm my relays were burnt and I do not think alike and sites danfoss and say different things, then I'm lost because I do not want to burn my compressors.

describes thereof and that the aircraft:

Relay Start Danfoss103N0016
refrigerator and freezer relay start MM8-601 330M-320 9175 MRKK
on Fridge-leave Arthur Martin DP model 833.26-1 Serial number: 546-0273
Product No.: 9243561-10 COMPRESSOR 102U TL 2A/

On a technical info that I believe emanates from Danfoss noted that the Relay 130N0012 103N0021 to be replaced by 103N0021, 103N0021 out on the internet has electrical terminals 4mmm instead of 6.3 mm on the relay home where unable to login, some sites sell 103N0015 lug with a 6.3 mm, can he replace the 103N0021??
the phone told me that Danfoss it can not find the 0016 and should be replaced by 0011 but written info says 0021 ?????
When the relay
freezer can not find the same, for what could t- I replace it??

Having found an exploded view of my camera I have references Arthur Martin (which also correspond to other manufacturers) that Here:
relay = 2100023007 103N0016 fridge is on sites in the majority or even 103N0015 103N0021
relay and leave klicson + = 2100028014 found on site but no pictures so I am very suspicious.

It would bother me to throw this unit is super clean and in excellent condition.

For answers should be unequivocal old adventurer troubleshooting appliance or a person who had the same situation as me and solved to date.

By thanks in advance for answers that you will bring me.


PostPosted: 30 Nov 2010 8:44 

directly, make, model of the compressor itself (as marked on the compressor) and type of fluid (R12, R134a, R290, R600 etc.)

PostPosted: 30 Nov 2010 10:17 
hello, the relay on your original model is 2100028014 so you can go. but if you disassemble your relay and you go to any seller of electric household appliances parts of your area and you find that your room is available. but know that even when it's very rare that a relay or hs. because when this one is that this is often the compressor has suffered and it is therefore normally hs.. ! that your device does exactly ???
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