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HowToDo Question : How do I set my machine knitting Singer ?

A solution has been found How do I set my machine knitting Singer ?

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PostPosted: 30 Dec 2010 13:13 
e machine knitting Recently we
singer from 2100 to 2200 (jersey, Sun Aug. It works) I do not aim
Understand how to work
jersey knit back On The Amount
knit Before, if I Do That, The spacing (3
) IS Completely closed. No view and On The
work. So I knit the Needle beds avac
open to 3, and at The Same height.
Is There a Mechanism That Does not work?
gold mishandling on my part?
I Got Two Little Sweaters for Children
this way.
thank you to enlighten me !

PostPosted: 30 Dec 2010 15:37 
Hello Melba
For the jersey should "Actually The Front mount needle bed From The Back But It Depends on the size wool. Do not just work hangs Between Two sets of needles. So Either you do or What You Say When You Step Up to the front needle bed gap to With A Slightly larger needle beds 4 or 5 DEPENDING ON The Wool. You Can Get the AVF occasionally to control your work, do not forget to regularly back your weight edge

PostPosted: 30 Dec 2010 17:18 
Hello, and thank you very much!
After testing, I prefer knitting needle beds With The Same level, I feel my monitor mesh "closer". A little hard to
get resourceful With Just the manual, it's coming to Steady!

PostPosted: 30 Dec 2010 19:23 
Good evening,
I just inherited a Knitting Machine Singer 2200 by bip I Have No Manual. I DID find Some Information On The Internet Specific Enough to nothing for my taste! Is it "could" Someone send me a copy of The Manual Which Is a bit old! Thanks in advance

PostPosted: 30 Dec 2010 21:01 
Hello, You Have
at your disposal "That was private courier CAN GIVE you more chance to contact Melba
http://www. folder = inbox

PostPosted: 30 Dec 2010 23:20 
Thanks for your answer!
To Him I write at once.

Good Evening
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