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HowToDo Question : How many yards needed to cover a chair ?

Waiting for a better solution How many yards needed to cover a chair ?

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PostPosted: 01 Dec 2010 20:45 
Hello, I

begins in sewing and my question will appear you can be stupid and I want to redo the seat of my chair with the fabric I want buy by meter, my question is: how many meter should I buy for a base of 60 cm (within 60cm, have already added the extra inch needed for impact), I have 6 chairs and fabric that I found the width is 1.40m

thank you for your answers

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2010 23:05 
Good evening

You say 60cm in height?
The width should be less, yes, but how?
And further to determine the length you need to know which way the fabric you want to have your file.
Without more response I say 3 times 2métres.Soit x 60cm

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2010 0:30 
I was not very well understood your question, but I'll try to explain the Prosseda and I will answer if my answer does not suit you.
Take a sheet of paper, 1 - is measured width, and length of the seat you draw on your paper the shape of the seat and record measurements. (Ex: the foundation is square and I draw a square I mark each side measures 50 of 50 on the sides and top) 2 - you add 2 inches on each side of your drawings representing the seams (eg a square 50cm by 50cm with seams ok with 54 out of 54) 3 - you still have your map you draw a line and enter the width of your fabric and you represent seats with measures (eg on the line I put 140cm I I'm square and I write 54 cm so you'll see that for 140 there are only two courses that fit) 4 - you do the same thing for long.

before you buy your fabrics if he poured a sense it is very important and see if the act of taking a tissue in 150 or 280 wide would be more economical compared to the price

For stitching I was told because it is a 2 cm base fabrics extraction and therefore will not undergoing any strong seams so less than 1.5 cm at worst
good luck...
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