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HowToDo Question : How the wheel ?

Waiting for a better solution How the wheel ?

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PostPosted: 06 Dec 2010 1:44 

I do not know how the wheel at 13! All my friends know the make but me! And since I'm still in college my sports teacher (we gym) wants me to know how the wheel if I a 0 I need to know to make it next Wednesday!

Please help me my problem is I fall landing on my buttocks.
I do not know why!

I need your help!


PostPosted: 06 Dec 2010 1:50 
Cette réponse a aidé l'auteur du sujet.
Videos that match how the wheel

am GMT this link and you will quickly be able to make roue.Bon courage, with this one you serat the roue.Cordialement jean-Paul

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2010 2:32 
Euuh.. what link? :/

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2010 4:37 
Hello, if
hurry, hurry on your search engine and type "cartwheel". You should have video in the first results. With luck, some are explicit.

Good luck !
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