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HowToDo Question : How to bring Internet to 110 m from my LiveBox ?

Waiting for a better solution How to bring Internet to 110 m from my LiveBox ?

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PostPosted: 02 Dec 2010 19:08 

I build an addition to my home at a distance of 110 m. I'd like to bring Internet and telephone.
Currently I have a line with France Telecom (04.) And a live box orange with wifi and internet phone (09).

I expected to put a network cable RJ 45 in my trench with water and electricity. I understand that it would allow me to get my internet and my phone (09.), Not as my (04.) (It's a pity but never mind.).
Is good solution given the distance?
If yes what type of cable cat 5 or 6, shielded or not, crossover or straight, twisted or not.?


PostPosted: 02 Dec 2010 20:18 
Cette réponse a aidé l'auteur du sujet.
The WiFi does not pass? I think that from 100 m the signal will still lose quality even with a Cat 6.

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2010 22:28 

PC # 1 Source
"During the installation of its wired network, it is important to take into account the length of RJ45 cables. Indeed, beyond 100m, the signal sent by a computer is no longer strong enough. throughput drop conséquence.Pour therefore address this problem, it is necessary to place a hub or switch before the fateful distance to boost the signal. " <
100 m to 110 m, it seems possible. Others may have ideas (and possibly Cpl second handset with a gate of more than 100 m)

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2010 23:08 

What prevents you from doing the test on the ground before burying the cable?

A +

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2010 23:51 
Thanks for your advice I will try my connection before plugging my trench and if it's too low I'll add an amplifier (I've already forgotten the name ;-))< br/>
So I go to my favorite DIY shop and buy the rj 45 cat 5 (he did not 6 I think) but is it the armored or not armored knowing that it will be thirty inches my power cable ?
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