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HowToDo Question : How to calm my dog Labrador ?

Waiting for a better solution How to calm my dog Labrador ?

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PostPosted: 02 Dec 2010 1:56 
How to help my Labrador dog is anxious when she is alone, but if it was manageable so far (she is 14) it is difficult now, because he woke up until she screams that One of us gets up (4 or 5 o'clock in the morning!
then we get up there and the plight redodo, but for 15 minutes!
in because she wants you to be there, and again!
she suffers at the moment no other problems due to his age, I really find things to do, may be in homeopathy? has already Arnica and Rhus Toxicodendron for douleurs.que ligaments and could I add? add that his basket is near our room, we wanted to take her in the room, but it does not enter, prefers his corner. hard, hard !!!

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2010 3:52 

you check with a vet? or a canine behaviorist

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2010 5:10 
She already sees the vet for heart failure, and this has ds remedies, I do not want to multiply the drugs, if a veterinary homeopath was in my sector I would have gone to consult, this works so well for animals, as well as for us, I prefer to start with simple things, because I suspect that things will get worse given his age.

In any case thank you for your answer

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2010 6:14 
in your title when you ask how to calm your dog
so I thought it was too active and thus it was fishing. melba

Oupss ;-))

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2010 7:06 
is somewhat true, because even with its little miseries due to his age, my dog called MELBA! Fishing has always !!!
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