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HowToDo Question : How to change the water tank 2028C Samsung fridge ?

Waiting for a better solution How to change the water tank 2028C Samsung fridge ?

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PostPosted: 01 Dec 2010 0:49 
I saw that Southern had proposed the scheme of the fridge. I would need to change the tank of ice water in my fridge that is cracked.
Thanks in advance

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2010 3:08 
For this intervention
You must disassemble the entire bottom of the freezer for the removal of container which is cracked. Regards Jean-Paul

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2010 4:19 
Thanks, but my question is how to connect the pipes entering the bottom of the box? Faut'il disassemble the back of the fridge ?

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2010 6:05 
To do so you must defeat the rear, in order to submit your pipes place.Cordialement Jean-Paul
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