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HowToDo Question : How to connect a drive sander with its engine ?

Waiting for a better solution How to connect a drive sander with its engine ?

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PostPosted: 06 Dec 2010 2:03 
Hello, I'm very young in this forum.
I seek your knowledge about the connection of a variable speed motor
on a sander. There is a small diagram on the drive but my knowledge in this area are some peu.lointaines.
This is a standard change, the drive is broken, we received another dealer. I thought
note the connections before disconnecting but my colleagues have lost this plan.
I defer to your knowledge. I slipped a picture with cables available. If you could point me telling me what number to put in what form.

Pending a response, thank you very much in advance. Thank you

[URL =]" target="_blank">] [IMG]" target="_blank"> [/IMG] [/URL]

[URL =]" target="_blank">] [IMG" target="_blank"> =] [/IMG] [/URL]

[URL = http:///

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2010 3:37 
Your links do not work. On
image stack, take the second link given, called "Friends".
acid To ++

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2010 3:38 
J 'I copied a piece of your link "
it works.

The wiring diagram is on the drive, but the image is too small to see.

Between A and B it must be the engine (currently between 10 and 8) should be inserted: A goes to 10, and the wire was going on 10 is connected to B.

For C I can not see. Variable resistor ??

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2010 3:58 
Yes, I just saw that the links do not work. I did not know which to take, so I just stuck everything I could find.
Thanks for the quick response in order to refine this last photo I took the drive and schema. That means these round bars?

This confirms what he has been told before?
(hope the link works this time)

Thank you !
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