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HowToDo Question : How to create a mold of the fairing from scratch ?

Waiting for a better solution How to create a mold of the fairing from scratch ?

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PostPosted: 16 Dec 2010 23:18 
Hello and thank you for your reply davance. I'm looking to make a mold of the fairing of my monoplane from scratch Its a little complicated, I dont have the room starting to mold, so I have to tinker, or sculpt, the support molding. If you have any tips, advice, or pointers, I'd rigged

PostPosted: 17 Dec 2010 1:43 
Cette réponse a aidé l'auteur du sujet.
before making the mold, you must first make this piece with eg plaster or any other malleable and curable..

good day

PostPosted: 17 Dec 2010 3:13 

I'm starting in model airplanes but I just attended the manufacture of a fuselage with a method that may interest you. You cut your shape in polystyrene foam. If you miss thick paste multiple sclerosis. Then you sand with abrasive paper No. 600. You finally coat of fiberglass or a product of this type. Once dry, you scoop out the polystyrene is mechanically (cutter, various tools.) Or by paying on polystyrene acetone. This makes it literally melts. You get your room at the end it only remains for sanding finishes.
Good luck and good pumice

PostPosted: 17 Dec 2010 5:26 
Good evening,

This method, albeit very "simple" presents two drawbacks:

The first is that the front "outside "has an aspect that depends on how you work, do not make bubbles, we must be careful at junctions of the paintings.

second c 'is that it does make a play.
A solution, albeit more complex and time is to do, from the form of "male", 2 half forms "female". It will then be coated with a release agent and glass cloth + resin. Then it is closed and held together by bolts 2 forms on time to set up and dry the strip joint.

It remains to recover after that debunk inside the mold and ready to serve again.

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