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HowToDo Question : How to fix my items (shower) on a laminate floor ?

Waiting for a better solution How to fix my items (shower) on a laminate floor ?

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PostPosted: 05 Dec 2010 23:33 
Hello everyone,

In our future bathroom, we dun loption laminate flooring (for ease of installation) Special humid.

First, is a good choice, knowing that we take into having a wooden floor?

Secondly, there javoue I dry. How to fix the bathtub and/or a shower tray?
- I make my floor over the entire surface of the piece, then I just set my two elements directly above what can (or not) prevent expansion of the floor.
- Place the items on my fork and then make the outline with the floor, but how do the risk jonctionil dy be a space between my floor and my elements ( no skirting to hide), or seals that provide the strategic enough.

Sorry if I'm not too clear in my explanation.

Thank davance.
1..: hi
Your laminate is of good quality and appearance, or pattern you like, you leave it as such, does well, the water since it This treaty to support these disadvantages.
If the tub is recessed, it is access to the trap by installing a trappe.Si room layout or building permits, we can put the trap under sol.L-seal between the edge of the tub wall and the wall is achieved by a silicone seal that can be found in different teintes.La faucets can be wall or gorge.Dans this case, ask the supplier or manufacturer predict percements.Le drain system is plug and chain or automatic and hidden much more aesthetically pleasing.
NOTE: The adjusting screws located under the foot bath supports, facilitates the installation at the device level.
The diameters of branches: Water cold and hot water: copper tube diamètre14x1 or 16x1 discharge: copper tube diameter 40 x1 40x3 or pvc, jean 2.Cordialement Paul

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2010 1:54 
Votre stratifier est de bonne qualité,et son aspect,ou son motif vous plaît,vous le laissez comme tel,il supporte bien,l'eau puisque celui-ci traité pour supporter ces inconvénients.
Si la baignoire est encastrée,il faut un accès au siphon en installant une trappe.Si la disposition des pièces ou du bâtiment le permet,on peut poser le siphon en sous -sol.L'étanchéité entre le bord de la baignoire et la paroi murale est obtenue par un joint au silicone qu'on peut trouver dans différentes teintes.La robinetterie peut être murale ou sur gorge.Dans ce cas,demandez au fournisseur ou fabriquant de prévoir les percements.Le système de vidange est à bouchon et chaînette ou automatique et caché,beaucoup plus esthétique.
REMARQUE:Les vis de réglage se trouvant sous les pieds supports de la baignoire,facilitent la pose à niveau de l'appareil.
Les diamètres des branchements:Alimentation en eau froide et en eau chaude:tube cuivre diamètre14x1,ou 16x1 évacuation:tube cuivre diamètre 40 x1 ou pvc 40x3,2.Cordialement jean-Paul
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