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HowToDo Question : How to mount a removable partition to create two rooms ?

Waiting for a better solution How to mount a removable partition to create two rooms ?

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PostPosted: 04 Dec 2010 23:57 

That I am a tenant. My apartment is 50 m2 but I only have one room and very large (approx. 25 m2). This room is mansardée.Celle it is currently occupied by my daughter and I sleep in the lounge. I would like to separate this large room to create 2. as I am a tenant, I thought of a removable partition that I could disassemble the day I left. Tricks, what materials should I expect? what is the approximate cost? thank you very much.


PostPosted: 05 Dec 2010 1:33 
First you must get approval from your owner, (2) a building permit is required.
And in this case your partition will remain in place after your departure.
Installation is simple you put a rail metal on the ground under the most dedicated and put plasterboard over a batten 27x48 to slide your wall, ceiling and another that you should screw, you must defeat the periphery of the partition except the first, the cells to a depth of 5cm for what can slide into the track, after you add in a cleat of 20cm, 27x48 you put in the wall to establish the second to a height of 2m50 you put a 20cm top and bottom as well and two or three others between these two brackets, and this for all the following partitions, you can replace the rails to move the ducts for the passage of electricity, but the taste will be higher finish you put a block door width 204x0, 73 who entered the wall going to finish you apply a coating on a strip which comes in special paper plasterboard and finish with a coat everything ready, you will find material vendors construction, with a leaflet you will give it you made their demand, everything is explained, and equipment to use, plasterboard screws, a saw for plasterboard, block door, champlat for the block is that the finish is perfect, for taste I is not fare, you'll have all these items by going to the seller matériau.Cordialement Jean-Paul
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