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HowToDo Question : How to open a hole in a plasterboard wall ?

Waiting for a better solution How to open a hole in a plasterboard wall ?

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PostPosted: 05 Dec 2010 5:29 

On a wall of about 3ml wide and 2.50m high, in which there is already a door 0.80m wide at the bottom left of this surface, I would scoop by cutting almost all the plasterboard surface so as to have the following result:

leaving a return of 0.50m wide and 2.00ml top right corner of this area, I would cut into rounded up to join the left side of this surface, applomb with the amount left of the door frame, door will disappear once the job done.

What are the precautions and especially how the butcher slice of plasterboard cut once since the cells are exposed?

thank you

PostPosted: 05 Dec 2010 5:46 
Good evening jmarc22

The only risk in removing the excess of plasterboard cutting a sheath of electrical power, which often travels behind.

To block thickness must return to a slide back plasterboard, 13mm, you screw onto the two faces of plasterboard, and you add a strip of plasterboard on the slide by screws.

As there is a curve it will make cuts on both sides of the strip to give the desired curve.
Finishes and sand.
Good luck

PostPosted: 05 Dec 2010 5:55 
Hello jpd87,

Above all thank you for your reply I understand better what to do. but because there is always a "but".

What is the slide in plasterboard?
How to split the slider to the flare?

thank you in advance for your help

jean marc

PostPosted: 05 Dec 2010 7:36 
Cette réponse a aidé l'auteur du sujet.
Good evening

Attached Leroy Merlin website full of tips and ideas whose bars.

The strip is U-shaped to a curve without cracking the wings vertical impossible to make a curve.
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