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HowToDo Question : How to recover deleted videos on an iPod ?

Waiting for a better solution How to recover deleted videos on an iPod ?

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PostPosted: 18 Dec 2010 17:46 
While not on purpose, I deleted all the videos from my iPod nano and I wanted to know if it would be possible to recover them with software.

Thanks in advance for your answers

PostPosted: 18 Dec 2010 18:48 

Do you have a Mac or PC platform? (For the computer on which you could plug ??

PostPosted: 18 Dec 2010 19:49 
I have a PC platform

PostPosted: 18 Dec 2010 22:06 
Ah. Annoying, I am in no PC.

A specialist Recycling PC data ??

PostPosted: 18 Dec 2010 22:59 

I do not know the ipod but I know the PC. Normally, we should be able to plug her iPod on her computer and it recognizes it as a removable disk. If so, download internet software retrieval type "File Recovery" (like "PC Inspector File Recovery" which is effective and free). Install the software on your computer and start the recovery on the removable disk that references your Ipod. A list of deleted files appear. J hope that you deleted will be. "Then, select the file back and follow the recovery procedure based on the software you've decided to use.

Note: you can see a file and do not get it back. The recovery is based on the principle that the machine clears just the reference to the file not the data file in the media. However, if you copied from other files on your iPod since the deletion of your video, portions of your video may have lost summers ever even see the whole video. So, keep in mind that if you copy other files on your ipod since the cancellation, it is unlikely that you will find your video.

Regards. MechantCerbere

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2010 0:56 

No I did not put the file from iTunes is because my home and I am not now, is it possible to recover them without having iTunes to sync the iPod? I hope to get all the videos anyway.

Thanks for your answers

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2010 2:19 

Try recover-my-ipod htm
This is shareware, there are other possibilities
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