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HowToDo Question : How to repair a crack in a wall ?

Waiting for a better solution How to repair a crack in a wall ?

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PostPosted: 01 Dec 2010 8:49 
a year ago the wall between two bedrooms was cracked. After I have scratched the crack clogged with plaster, sanded and repaint. But here now it reappears in the same place. Is there another better way?
Thanks for your advice

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2010 11:04 
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Good evening,

The problem is that you probably moving walls (soil not very stable, works in the area, etc.)..
A means a lot (but will not withstand too much tension ) is to put a strip of tulle (fabric sold in bricotrucs adapted).
Prepare the wall for scratching a small hole so that the belt does not track, flat coat, put the tape on the coating. Once the dry plaster, sitting one or two layers to equalize with the rest of the wall, and sand

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2010 12:53 
Hello Robin
Thanks for your advice I will try your method and remember in a year if it does not work
Greetings Geo

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2010 13:13 

Ok if it broke in a year, set benchmarks (a discrete band of paper glued to one side goes into a loop on the other side, and is denoted with a line and the date. This will see Progress !
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