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HowToDo Question : How to repair a radiator thermostat bath oil ?

Waiting for a better solution How to repair a radiator thermostat bath oil ?

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PostPosted: 30 Nov 2010 3:50 

I have a concern about my radiator thermostat oil bath brand "Euro Fontal.

When plugged in, it heats continuously (at full power), regardless of the position of the control box/control (On/Off, Eco/comfort).

I tried to inspect inside the control box by opening it, but I see no bad contact, and no sign of degradation of PCB.

I tried calling the customer service brand "unassigned number"!
I discovered that the company was in receivership since last April 2010! How lucky for me!

What should I do to prevent my apartment turns into a sauna or Fridge?!
Thanks for your advice

PostPosted: 30 Nov 2010 6:18 
Cette réponse a aidé l'auteur du sujet.
Hello, your problem must come from your thermotolerance CTP.C type is a variable resistor whose resistance value increases when the temperature is augmente.Si off, it does not cut his food is that keeps increasing is a small room which is in contact with the metal (probably clipped) with two pins are the son or electric power. It is an indication of its maximum temperature eg 120 ° C.

PostPosted: 30 Nov 2010 6:54 
Thanks for your quick response!

I well spotted this thermotolerance and I quite agree with your diagnosis.

What I "bothers" is that when I turn the knob to "off" My radiator remains on full power. (I have to unplug to stop it)

probe temperature (heat resistance) should not have any effect in the off position, no?

Otherwise, I'll still try to replace it, you know where I can get this piece ?

PostPosted: 30 Nov 2010 8:23 
Cette réponse a aidé l'auteur du sujet.
Good evening, once replaced this room heater should not exceed a certain température.Il is possible that the heat resistance have been damaged if the starter switch is broken and let the current pass without interruption.Il can control it with a multimètre.De anyway heat resistance and the switch should not have a price exorbitants.Vous can find parts stores by looking in the category Household Appliances: Parts of the Yellow Pages
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