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HowToDo Question : How to replace boiler thermostat De Dietrich 1.24GN ?

Waiting for a better solution How to replace boiler thermostat De Dietrich 1.24GN ?

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PostPosted: 06 Dec 2010 14:26 

I'm looking to replace a 2 wire thermostat on the boiler dietrich 1.24GN. My boiler starts whatever the connection and despite correct adjustment of the thermostat.
Can you help me?

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2010 14:53 
Terminal Block diagram of the boiler and thermostat

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2010 15:40 

I'm sorry but I do not know to insert pictures in this forum.
Can you help me also for that point.

Thanks again

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2010 16:26 
course, make a copy/paste of the third address

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2010 17:05 

Thanks for the information.
Here are 2 pictures:

back of the thermostat:

terminal of the boiler:

And whatever the outcome of your assistance, thank you for your patience and your response

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2010 18:04 
I have the same problem The technician who reviewed the De Dietrich boiler told me to bridge the connector "1" with "4" with a 1.5 Ohm resistor, and then you can connect a thermostat 2 son.

I tried but so far no results.
I hope to find here because I'm stuck because I do not understand the logic of the old thermostat 3 son (24v Dietrich)...
6: hello thermostat photo is 220 volts and 24 volts in the old? this can not fonctionner.salutation

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2010 19:52 
bonjour le thermostat en photo est en 220volts et l'ancien en 24 volts ? cela ne peut pas fonctionner.salutation
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