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HowToDo Question : How to strip a metal gate and repair the holes ?

Waiting for a better solution How to strip a metal gate and repair the holes ?

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PostPosted: 01 Dec 2010 15:16 
Hello, I'm stripping a wrought-iron gates have already been received 3 coats of paint. What is the easiest solution? The portal has been damaged by rust, which has some holes, how to fix them? Thank you for your advice

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2010 15:53 
Good evening,

Stripping, first, there are two methods: décapex or heat.
One does not preclude one from elsewhere.
You can also do sand (more expensive but better quality).

Once properly pickled, you can treat the rust spot with a destructive rust like Julian, attention is acid.
There is a problem, it ' is that the interior must also be done. Think carefully about this.
Then you can reseal the hole with resin or metal, synthetic or weld new pieces (best if you can).
Then place a sub-layer anti-rust powerful in putting into the tube (it's not obvious) or by leaving IO so that water does not stagnate.
then paint with a good exterior paint glycero metal layers.

Good luck !
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