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HowToDo Question : How to troubleshoot engine problems LL Whirlpool AWM 8123 ?

A solution has been found How to troubleshoot engine problems LL Whirlpool AWM 8123 ?

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Details of the question:

Voyant \"ouverture de porte\" clignotant sur L.L. Whirlpool AWM 8123 : le moteur refuse de démarrer ?

Summary of answers:

je me réponds à moi même, en fait, ce n'était pas les charbons qui étaient en cause mais bien la sécurité de porte. Quelques retours d'expérience pour les suivants : J'ai trouvé des informations par là pour le moteur: pour les manuels techniques : -> pour la awm 8123 et notamment les programmes de test, le doc sur la awm 8141 convient parfaitement. J'ai tout redémonté, renettoyé et particulièrement la sécurité de porte..... mon lave linge est reparti ! Mon LL verrouillait bien la porte, j'en avait donc déduit à tort que la sécurité de porte n'était pas en cause, ce fût mon erreur car c'est bien là qu'il y avait un problème. Après démontage, nettoyage, tout refonctionne à merveille. Voilà. Merci à ceux qui ont essayé de me répondre. bonne journée

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PostPosted: 03 Dec 2010 0:10 
Hello, My
LL Whirlpool AWM 8123 (8 years old, rarely used) starts its cycle normally, but after blocking the door and impounding it crashes and the light "opening door flashing. No error code on the electronic display (FP.)
I have read many post about it and I made the following manipulations:
- Replacement coals (the ancients were correct to 1.2 cm but when in doubt..)
- removal of the engine and light cleaning of the collector rotor (no abrasive)

- resistance measurements of motor meter
1-2 (tacho): 68.3 ohms
3-4 (rotor): 5.1 ohms

5-6 (stator): 1.6 ohms
6-7 (stator): 0.7 ohms
5-7 (stator): 0.9 ohms
-disassembly of the electronic card: no relay burnt (just a little black dust around a component IC (VIPER 20A).
( DIP-8 in this doc):
Not knowing how to test this component I checked all the resistors and I did not detect any problem. Light cleaning, and resettlement.
- launch the test program: door lock OK, impoundment, OK, hangs at the launch of the drum.
- Beam control: to air in good condition (no son bent or cut)
- security door not changed but it works (activated when you launch a program and turns off after minutes of qq ' stop)
- all part drain works perfectly

here I am, I dry a little. If you have any ideas, I'm interested. I do not know how to test the switch or the heater but not mistaken, the symptoms do not indicate that it could come from there (I'm wrong?)

I could certainly point me to a change in the electronic card is a little but the lottery.. before that I would like to test the engine and check that there is no problem on that side.
How can I do?
Thanks in advance

PostPosted: 03 Dec 2010 0:44 

it seems that there is a concern, since I see you have a message to the meter while you posted 2.
You seem to be "toxic" to my counter! ;)
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