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HowToDo Question : How to troubleshoot the two radiators are cold ?

Waiting for a better solution How to troubleshoot the two radiators are cold ?

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PostPosted: 03 Dec 2010 6:05 

I have two radiators in ten cold in the house, hot water reaches the bottom at the entrance but flowing through the radiator, I tightened and loosened the thermostatic valve and the valve inlet hot water, they are purged of air and high water is desperately cold, for a children's room it is painful for parents, we wait
I set the thermostat of the boiler, without profit
closed radiators that work to increase flow in radiators cold fruitless
thank you in advance, cordially

PostPosted: 03 Dec 2010 8:29 

Try to lightly tap the brass body of the thermostatic valve with a hard object, a shock can unlock it.
If the pump has put more speed on the greater speed and close again other radiators to try.
Check that the valve in the outlet T is closed (behind a cork screw 6 sided recessed female)
If no Indeed it is possible that the circuit or sludge obstruct the thermostatic valve is stuck

PostPosted: 03 Dec 2010 9:24 
hello sir and thank you for your reply, I'll start
all these maneuvers I do not know if the accelerator has multiple speeds
this summer
I removed the radiator to the painting behind
there may be limestone or sludge before the supply valve?

PostPosted: 03 Dec 2010 9:32 
Good evening,

you can actually remove the 2 radiators for cleaning, take the opportunity to see if water comes out by the valve and the outlet, flush to rinse the circuit
also check if there is no steam traps on the high points of the circuit and test
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