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HowToDo Question : How to upgrade the dirt floor of my basement ?

Waiting for a better solution How to upgrade the dirt floor of my basement ?

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PostPosted: 03 Dec 2010 4:30 
Hello everyone,

is the context, I have a fully buried basement of 40 m2, the walls are stone, clay soil. There are a lot of humidity (80%).
oben The goal is a healthy, without soil moisture with clean and flat. I would like to make storage space, and also a leisure space for making music.

I started pointing the stone walls with a coating sand-lime.

For soil, I do not know what to knowing that my budget should be minimum.
The ideal was the concrete slab of lime. But it is above my budget.

I thought slabs (like outside) on a bed of sand.

J waits for your advice, ideas, feedback on this topic.


PostPosted: 03 Dec 2010 4:43 
It is possible to produce a slab on grade, on a dirt floor, provided that the nature of the terrain permette.Les masonry is porous, they can not be a satisfactory barrier to moisture.
Also, establish a floor directly over a Full earth is only possible if the land is of good quality and well drainé.Sinon, the capillaries may, over time, damage your ouvrage.Sur this clay, it is necessary, therefore, achieve a hedgehog (marl layer) 20 cm thick. To combat rising damp, a good solution is to place a sheet of polyethylene over the entire surface before pouring the dalle.Pour get better protection, make polyethylene back a few inches against the murs.En addition, a number of insulation products that you find in all the specialty shops will help you achieve quality work perfectly protégé.On commonly found, for example, insulation panels polystyrene, which are placed in the case of a slab with no crawl space, directly on the hedgehog, over the polyethylene film, and you cast your cement over the work, you made a cement clean and fine, and then you can put tiles or other, depending on your taste. Regards Jean-Paul
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