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HowToDo Question : Is a pseudo-skylight is effective ?

Waiting for a better solution Is a pseudo-skylight is effective ?

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PostPosted: 04 Dec 2010 13:39 

I want to put a glass reinforced or glass tiles on 1 m2, and then make walls surrounding the square meter. And in these walls, put the windows.

This is to bring light into three parts, one on each side of the pseudo-wells.

Has anyone done this? Is it effective?

And if so, what about the summer heat?

thank you in advance

PostPosted: 04 Dec 2010 13:46 

you'll have a little light, after returning into account the tiled surface tile, glass and window sizes and the depth of the well.

it is surely better to light pipes.

lighting will bcp largest

PostPosted: 04 Dec 2010 15:26 
frmu The proposal is a good compromise between efficiency and cost. Skylight that you plan to make, will bring indirect light, in the parts chosen. I have already done this in a stairwell that was completely in the dark. It allowed me to secure it by creating a shadow, but the system does not illuminate. To be effective, it should be a skylight by piece, but in this case, you'd better put skylight, you can not make I guess, if you do not choose a well. Good luck
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