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HowToDo Question : What kind of shrubs for a hedge ?

A solution has been found What kind of shrubs for a hedge ?

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PostPosted: 30 Nov 2010 23:33 
goodnight I wish to make a hedge pr limit for my neighbor but I do not know how choose bush thank you for your help

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2010 0:58 
Cette réponse a aidé l'auteur du sujet.
Good evening

I suggest you visit a nursery, you will have very good information.

Think later than the size of these shrubs, usually quite a chore.


PostPosted: 01 Dec 2010 2:24 
Cette réponse a aidé l'auteur du sujet.
My first idea to be peaceful with its neighbors: the plant is the ideal privet, it grows very fast, and fills out the neighborhood, very persistent to be quiet all year, and what size jeans bien.Cordialement Paul

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2010 4:16 

My choice was the pyracantha, very rustic, is a haven for birds,
perfumed with flowers, impassable.
Good planting


PostPosted: 01 Dec 2010 6:01 

I joined that which is given, very good choice.
Otherwise there is the if traditional, long enough to shoot, but the much less difficult to cut. Very ornamental, smell the resin and hosts many nests.
Infranchissable also
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