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HowToDo Question : What sewing machine semi-professional to choose ?

Waiting for a better solution What sewing machine semi-professional to choose ?

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PostPosted: 04 Dec 2010 20:00 
Hello, I currently
a small singer 8082 and I like to go to a sewing machine more efficient. I make clothes and I know the business machine.
Recently a singer store offered me back my singer and to get a reduction. (100) to another singer. Singer HD110.
I just can not seem to know what is this machine. (Outside of what the saleswoman told me!). She is still at 500 or 600 (depending on the store or website).
It is (apparently) very resistant to sew tissue thin and thick (4 thickness of jeans without problem), to sew the jersey, makes the buttonhole, and knit fabrics can precisely by changing the floating point.
I am especially interested in its strength (it has, apparently, a powerful engine).
I'm not at all thoroughly singer. If you have any advice on this machine, please, and if you know of any other quality, do not hesitate!
The singer does not really point special type embroidery. but it's the least of my worries! I'm not really interested in the performance of embroidery sewing machine. However if my machine should have quite a special point to be effective (in sewing), I do not have a problem!
My message is a bit long, sorry!

Please give me your opinion !

PostPosted: 04 Dec 2010 22:27 
Good evening Bettyred

Beware speech vendors they engage only those who listen.
You can read about these two brands Janome and Brother.


PostPosted: 05 Dec 2010 0:01 
Good evening Pepite 80

I made an oversight Pfaff machines is particularly good with his training supervisor.

I add a point of view that is quite personal:
French remain there enough people with the ANPE.
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