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HowToDo Question : Who can help me with my failures on 168th boiler ?

Waiting for a better solution Who can help me with my failures on 168th boiler ?

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PostPosted: 02 Dec 2010 3:10 
j I installed a boiler CHAPPEE luna premium artisan el've run 15 days and then failed: error 168 th he came to help me motherboard hs he did put a new, 15 days later Same problem error 168 th I then say that c is an electrical problem in my instalation thing I've done testing by an electrician and she and the standard could you help m

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2010 4:06 

it to him to prove what he says:
- he was not at fault in the intervention that proves defective.

- You must demonstrate that he followed the instructions,
-the fault is due to a well survenueest default installation of electric
- 'une or usage error is your responsibility
-or that the failure is unrelated to his speech (Cass, 1st ch. calendar, October 20, 1993, Jurisp. Auto. 1994, p. 146).

short, he has an obligation of result unless the product has a latent defect in which case it is his turn against the manufacturer.

If you have insurance do the act !!!

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2010 4:38 

any chance that the phase and neutral are not reversed, stupid fault, but it happens, the control boards can be put in error. for this reason

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2010 5:27 
Good evening

Maybe the block of gas regulation, but to be confirmed by an authorized brand

Warning brands are Boiler centers approved for commissioning and maintenance of gas boilers, your plumber should know, he must call an authorized brand

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2010 5:30 
hello, your plumber must move ourselves, or it takes appointment with a company approved by ChappƩe whether it involves the service tech nique ChappƩe; anyway we need a commissioning the boiler which is free! you should check gas pressure upstream, downstream, edf voltage, ionization, to a combustion test (especially on a condensing) ect.bon courage
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