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HowToDo Question : Why D23 error on SL Brandt armed with cutout ?

Waiting for a better solution Why D23 error on SL Brandt armed with cutout ?

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PostPosted: 21 Dec 2010 22:08 
Hello, My

washer/dryer WTD1073F Brandt tells me what a mistake D23, reading another post seems to indicate a problem with either probes or with the fan.

So I removed the side panel cutout and the probe is well equipped.
I 36ohms on my resistance.
What values am I supposed to have on two other probes?

Also I tried to unscrew fan but when I shot it gets stuck on the inside so it should remove all the plastic block in order to clean it?

I said that the problem is identical in low and high drying

Thanks in advance.


PostPosted: 22 Dec 2010 0:02 
Good evening, you have 2 cutout above the resistance of drying (right side of the device) is that the crankcase is closed? Try resetting the resettable cutout top with a red stem, press it and repeat the test drying only apes and a few seconds you should hear the fan drying. If the fan does not rotate, then the cutout will be reset to disarm and will cut the heating (if the fan controller absolutely turns to avoid the overheating )

PostPosted: 22 Dec 2010 0:32 
Hello, D23 is an overheating problem, So normally it is your fan hs! its price must be within 100

PostPosted: 22 Dec 2010 1:33 
The resettable cutout is actually pressed, he never skipped since I did some tests.

I will try to disassemble the fan that does not look easy

PostPosted: 22 Dec 2010 2:39 
So I cleaned the fan.
When I run the dryer the motor turns but I still have the D23.

And the cutout is still armed.

anyone have any idea?

Thanks in advance

PostPosted: 22 Dec 2010 4:49 
Hello, controller with voltmeter If the resistance of drying right side of the unit is supplied with 230Volt during drying. Your sensor controller who must drying at room temperature

PostPosted: 22 Dec 2010 5:19 
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