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HowToDo Question : Why does my boiler indicate errors F14 and F24 ?

Waiting for a better solution Why does my boiler indicate errors F14 and F24 ?

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PostPosted: 29 Nov 2010 13:19 
My boiler Saunier Duval isotwincondens indicates the fault f14 and F24 q'il whenever there is a demand for hot water. and then it starts again but only in health (it gets more in heating mode). Can you explain what is happening and especially how to fix this? Thank you in advance

PostPosted: 29 Nov 2010 13:46 
to come on your boiler problem, and these error codes: F14 =
The temperature is very high at 90 degrees: check if the radiator does not sound closed facility badly drained or no water circulation.
F24 = You must raise the bar to 1.5 bar pressure for this we open the drain cock (faucet generally blue), once the pressure reached the valve closed. Regards Jean-Paul

PostPosted: 29 Nov 2010 14:47 
Thank you John Paul for your interest. The probllem is that these defects occur when there is call for hot water, not heating water. This phenomenon has occurred during the summer holidays when I put the boiler on "hot water" only. There is a demand for hot water symbol "flame" rises high and a few seconds AUBOUT defects E24 and E14 appear immediately. and that since I gave this problem prevents the heating boiler to switch on heating. I checked anyway, as you have said to me, the pressure (16 bar) and I bled all the radiators but nothing to do.
Thank you suggest other solutions if possible ;
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