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HowToDo Question : Why droplets frozen at the bottom of the fridge ?

A solution has been found Why droplets frozen at the bottom of the fridge ?

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PostPosted: 01 Dec 2010 6:16 
Hello, I just bought a beko dsa25000s, which is a combined fridge freezer.
The freezer is located above, and saw the presence of water droplets that are frozen at the top of the fridge.

I read in the manual it was possible that there is a presence of frozen condensation (qu it should not remove the knife) but I wonder about the proper functioning of the fridge. If it freezes, it means that the wall is 0 ° C no? it does not pose a problem?

I have a question by contributing to the temperature sensor, it looks to be located inside the fridge in the bottom left. She is black when the fridge is too hot, but apparently she would change and would become "ok" if the temperature is good?

The thermostat seems to work , I've seen the fridge to defrost.

I restarted since the droplets are returned in 3 hours and they have had time freeze. The temperature sensor was always black

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2010 7:52 

This is a handset with one engine and one refrigeration circuit, which means that the cold plate freezer is that of the fridge, and as it is cold static, it is normal frost.

The cold plate, separated into two areas, the nearest part of the regulator is in the freezer, the most remote in the fridge.

Plaque in the refrigerator may be at a temperature close to zero, which explains the jelly drops, but the air cooled by the plate goes down into the bottom of the fridge (the cold air is denser than warm air) and will slowly warm up to the food, then once down by natural convection movement it will go up, and so on. The design of this plate and its positioning in the device is optimized to ensure the gradient of temperature you need.

What you have in the bottom of the fridge n is not the probe, but an indicator of temperature, the probe is housed in a small plastic sheath, and normally invisible from inside the fridge.

J ' hopes to have helped you, Regards


PostPosted: 01 Dec 2010 9:17 
hello, if you purchased your unit and it is under warranty , call Customer Service for the patch that is black and who should show OK, but the history of the droplets and quite normal !!!!
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