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HowToDo Question : Why gas is cut once the button is released ?

Waiting for a better solution Why gas is cut once the button is released ?

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PostPosted: 30 Nov 2010 12:25 
Hello I have a gas oven and since this morning when I switch it goes out when I change the candy, if I hold the button the gas flows and thus cooked food but that I release the button and it cuts out the gas, I thought the thermocouple do you think the problem comes from there?? thank you for your reply

PostPosted: 30 Nov 2010 14:54 

That's a problem thermocouple if you have purged the gas, check that has not moved, li must be in the flame, if li is well placed and it does not work, disassemble, scrape the contacts, if that does not change the light

PostPosted: 30 Nov 2010 17:02 

go here: http://www

PostPosted: 30 Nov 2010 18:52 
Exact AC comes from the thermocouple or it is dirty or it is defective, broken spring, to replace

PostPosted: 30 Nov 2010 20:48 
thank you for your responses its reassuring because a thermocouple is much cheaper than a gas cooker, I'll follow your advice
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