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HowToDo Question : Why is there water in refined salt tank ?

Waiting for a better solution Why is there water in refined salt tank ?

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PostPosted: 05 Dec 2010 5:46 
hello I want to know why there is water in the salt at the bottom of the dishwasher I also specify that there is in the filter water filter (which has been cleaned) thank you for your reply...
1: Bonour louloute05

You have no need to worry I found the same thing on mine. I guess after the drain pump the water in the drain goes down into the bottom of the machine.
The Southerner you confirm or not.


PostPosted: 05 Dec 2010 5:50 
Bonour louloute05

Tu n'as pas lieu de t'inquiéter je me retrouve avec la même chose sur le mien. Je suppose qu'après la vidange de la pompe l'eau se trouvant dans le tuyau d'évacuation redescend dans le fond de la machine.
La Sudiste te confirmera ou pas.

PostPosted: 05 Dec 2010 6:57 
thank you for your reply however my dishwasher shows that it needs salt is odd good day
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