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HowToDo Question : Why is water in front of my Daewoo refrigerator ?

Waiting for a better solution Why is water in front of my Daewoo refrigerator ?

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PostPosted: 13 Dec 2010 17:43 
Hello everyone, I

handset Daewoo fr 581nt, my concern is the water in front of the fridge at the bottom near the door regularly

about half a glass per day, the water passes through the door down and sank
sol.J 've cleaned the pipe near the engine (exhaust

the defrost water but still the problem?

thank you for your help

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PostPosted: 13 Dec 2010 19:02 
Good evening,
The condensate is most often a
pipe that connects the bottom of a gully inside your refrigerator
to join a receptacle located on or near the compressor for evaporation thereof.
If you are convinced that the pipe fulfilled its function, you just pour
10cl of water in said gutter and to verify its
Good evening.

PostPosted: 13 Dec 2010 19:54 
Good evening,

I have the same model as you and unfortunately I have already had a malfunction in the cold (fan stuck in the ice). After being repaired it was never at 100% capacity. Just for you information for how long?


PostPosted: 13 Dec 2010 22:03 
hello, the fridge was about 5 years, my problem is solved for a readjustment of th (was not cold enough)

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PostPosted: 13 Dec 2010 23:51 
ca happened to have put water at the door and had just ca ' poor ventilation and he was putting back in was no longer cold and once désancastré its location did not ca more! so I am small hole in the kitchen cupboard next to fridge

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