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HowToDo Question : Why my bookshelf does not ?

Waiting for a better solution Why my bookshelf does not ?

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PostPosted: 03 Dec 2010 22:38 
Hello I came across this forum hobby and I think you go pouoir help me. I want to mount shelves for my business.
I tried and neither comes not!
I made the holes with the drill. I put the pins and screws.
but when I screwed my shelf finished by the fall.. I réaaissai ankle and screws hold my bookshelf is a halves.. but it still ends up falling. grrr
actually plugs and screws emerge from the wall when I loose the shelf, ,
what's wrong in my setup?
I took the screws and pins the same size.

so what's wrong I have done my holes too big? if the screws and bolts out eventually??

is the first time I tried and I see not what is wrong and I do not want bomb my wall holes y'en has already a lot of that side.
we have always done for me and I want to learn to do myself.. because it is nice to know how the little tinker without having to ask someone

PostPosted: 04 Dec 2010 0:19 
Your wall is made of what material , bricks, blocks, plasterboard walls to help you we need this information merci.Cordialement Jean-Paul

PostPosted: 04 Dec 2010 1:41 

in addition to knowing what is making your wall, we must also know the size of your shelf and what you put on it.

if you drill with a wick diameter 8
have to drill at least the depth of your screw
you put a pin and a screw diameter of 8 or 6 X 50 5x50

now everything depends on what is done

PostPosted: 04 Dec 2010 3:05 
CONTINUED: this can also be between two walls in a cellar, in which case you should put brackets 29x29 section, in the second brackets, and this of course depending on the weight of business to ask Jean-Paul

PostPosted: 04 Dec 2010 3:23 
hello to the walls and I ' to know anything just not that hard and hollow in the room my mother was asked shelves so normally with the same wall in my room it should work?
in my Such kitchen shelves were asked and that is the same wall in the kitchen so it can not be that
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