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HowToDo Question : Why No 'I have more gas in the inner suburbs ?

Waiting for a better solution Why No 'I have more gas in the inner suburbs ?

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PostPosted: 29 Nov 2010 19:32 
on the double crown wok burner with a Siemens ceramic cooktop 5 burners, I have no gas supply only in the small central ring Burner

I get to turn the great but as the system detects that the flame is small against the crown, the entire burner goes out when I release the lever.
1 - It does not seem to be a problem of piezo or gas inlet near the crown (I thought the water would have drowned the little mouth of arrival at a cleaning). Indeed, when I positioned the knob completely to idle position or only the small ring should emit gases and that I push the lever, nothing happens: no noise bursts of gas, nothing. Only the fact its piezo ignition. The same joystick position half way or two rings and pressing issue again emits gases into the duct of the outer suburbs but none to the small.

What can it be that the duct of the inner suburbs are blocked already? And how? The plate is new.

I lean towards the lever that does not transmit the gas to the small duct. Why?

Anyone understands it or knows that problem.
Thanks for your help

PostPosted: 29 Nov 2010 21:41 
Je ne connais pas ce matériel, mais est-ce qu'à deux couronnes, correspondent deux injecteurs?
Si c'est le cas, déposez l'injecteur de la petite couronne et nettoyez-le, y compris le débouchage du trou central avec une minuscule aiguille.
Si ce n'est pas le cas, nettoyez ou séchez seulement l'intérieur de la petite couronne, sans toucher à l'injecteur.

PostPosted: 29 Nov 2010 23:47 
Thanks for your reply, I think
that what you call the injector looks like a small nozzle (brass apparently) visible at the bottom of the well which is vertically beneath the burner. I see this tip on all 4 other fires. For the central fire there only for the central ring with a well apparently a hole at 90 degrees at the bottom which I guess machining, no brass nozzle (injector not?). For the large outer ring of fire, there is a circular groove with a gas inlet hole large and prominent. It works, so I think there are two lines and they go well since the controller to idle only the central ring today received from the faulty gas.
I cleaned all the small central ring including the well (without tip) cotton swab. No change !?
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